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SmartTag® & LogTag® Dataloggers Authorized Reseller & Calibration Laboratory.


SmartTag® & LogTag® products are designed to meet the growing demand for cost effective electronic environmental recording solutions. Combining state of the art technology, innovative design and high-volume manufacturing techniques, the SmartTag® & LogTag® system provides the most cost effective, high performance environmental data logging system available for today's market. What is the difference between a SmartTag and a LogTag? Technically none but SmartTags are ProvenSmart private labels of LogTags in which we offer free replacement and calibration with a cost effective ProvenSmart SmartTag Replacement Program. This is the best solution for companies using reusing dataloggers with calibration requirements.

We can sell you all products on the LogTag Product Line at 10% less than market sale price and offer SmartTag contracts (free replacement and calibraion) for any re-usable logger. Contact us for a Quote or a Demo! We also have units for rental. PVSR Metrology is certified by manufacturer to perform factory calibrations on all products.Below specifications on two of our most popular SmartTag products.

We can provide you wih any Logtag product and even customize it for you.  Visit  Logtagrecorders 

USRIC-8-SmartTag HAXO-8_SmartTag

Don't want to Buy? We have hundreds of loggers to Rent!