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ProvenSmart Workshops & Trainings

You need a new plan a new direction? Our Workshops not only are certified, they are also a way to learn about the largest industry and best paid jobs in Puerto Rico! Learning about validation is learning about all the things a regulated industry has to comply with, therefore is your chance to learn from experts how the regulated industry works! We can provide these training or customize for your special needs. Contact us for more information!

PVSR dba ProvenSmart is an Authorized Advanced Education Provider of the CIAPR

PVSR Corporaiton have been certified by Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de PR (CIAPR) as an Authorized Advance Education Provider. Now you will be awarded IACET contact hours. CIAPR has been certified by a IACET to certify continuous education credits which are Internationally recognized. IACET authorizes education providers that meet strict continuing education guidelines created in 1968. IACET certification is the standard learners seek for quality. IACET's Criteria and Guidelines are the core of thousands of educational programs worldwide. Advanced education contact hours are a requisite for renovation of your Puerto Rico Engineering license. Verify the approved Advanced Education legislation for your contact hour requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an Engineer to participate in the workshop?

NO. Ever since PVSR got the CIAPR approval several persons have ask if they have to be an engineer to attend. The qualification/validation process involve several other professionals. Usually engineers have a harder time learning validation techniques than other professional like Chemist and Biologist. This is because their day to day chores involve working with documentation which is one of the hardest and important task of a qualification/validation process when engineers is not necessarily the same.